What Causes Dark Lips and Why You Should Use A Lightening Lip Treatment


How To Lighten Dark Lips

What Causes Dark Lips?

Dark lips occur when you are exposed to the sun for longer periods. It also occurs due to genetic factors. Some lifestyle habits darken lips like smoking and taking more coffee and tea. The majority of the smokers are keen on knowing how to lighten dark lips. Ideally, there are several treatments and you can consider the use of pineapple lightening lip treatment, which is highly effective.

The dark lips come because of the accumulation of dead skin cells on the lip surface. To exfoliate, just brush them gently using a mild toothbrush in the morning. In addition, apply a thin coat of a How To Lighten Dark Lipsconvenient lip balm. The pineapple lightening lip treatment is suitable for people who have dark lips because of their habits or other factors such as UV rays, warm wind, dryness, winter, and caffeine.

The lightening lip treatment provides extra benefits like suppleness, smoothness, dry-free and softness and enables you to have attractive, reddish and beautiful lips. The cream lightens the dark lips and moisturizes gently. It also eliminates dark spots on your lips and protects the lips from harmful elements. Moreover, it reduces age spots.

Pineapple lightening lip treatment is a quality product that treats even pigmented or discolored lips. It is a perfect way of eliminating dull and dark lips by bringing life to your lips. The formula packs a powerful punch that turns darker lips into sexier and lighter shades.

Use it a few times to let the treatment slowly soften, lighten, and nourish your lips. After using it for a few times, you will experience a rapid transformation of your darker lips as they become smoother and kiss friendly. Moreover, you can wear the lip treatment underneath your favorite lip-gloss, lipstick or lip stain to give your lips a more natural look. The lip treatment is affordable, reliable, and convenient for treating dark lips.

Lighten your lips’ color with Luminous Skin Lip Lightening serum

Luminous Skin Lip Lightening Serum Review

Our lips are many times thinner than our skin and these are very sensitive also. The lips don’t have melanin in them and so they are likely to get harmed by the sun’s ultraviolet rays and get sunburned.

Other factors of darkening of lips are dryness, frequently licking the lips, overusing lipsticks etc. It may not be much of a trouble for those who have dark lips by birth but it can make one feel  Lip Lightening serumhorrible if his or her lips become dark suddenly. So to lighten the lips of a person, the Luminous Skin Lip Lightening Serum is doing a great job.

Luminous Skin Lip Lightening Serum

This serum uses its unique formula to lighten the lips and fade away its darkness. It makes the lips’ color more uniform and light which makes them look better. The uniformity of skin tone is very necessary which this serum provides.

Other than lightening, it will moisturize the lips, leaving them soft and healthy. The Luminous lip lightening serum is also famous for its gentle skin formula. Since the lips are very sensitive part of the body, they need something gentle on them like the Luminous Serum or they will be more damaged.


The serum has natural extracts with powerful antioxidants to provide the best results. The bearberry tree’s extract called “Alpha Arbutin” is also inside this serum.

Alpha Arbutin is used to replace “hydroquinone”, a toxic chemical which is banned in many nations due to its harmfulness to humans. Hydroquinone is being used by many skin lightening products only because of its cheapness. This toxic chemical can lighten the skin in case of hyperpigmentation but it is still not recommended.

Another natural ingredient is alphaflor gigawhite which is extracted from Alpine plants and its basic use is to remove age and dark spots with making the skin tone evener. 4-Hexylresorcinol and Regu-Fade are other two ingredients which are prevalent in skin lightening without any issues.

So this was the review of Luminous Skin Lip Lightening Serum which we can see is very effective for lightening one’s lip color.

With its ingredients and exclusion of hydroquinone, it is best recommended and it doesn’t have any side effects either. So if you are thinking about buying the serum, stop thinking and buy it. It will provide what it promises.

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