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Vaginal Bleaching: An Overview and Available Bleaching Options

A practice associated with strippers and porn stars, vaginal bleaching has now been embraced as part and parcel of the mainstream culture. Its popularity has heightened over the past few years. Women from diverse cultures, professions and ages have incorporated the practice into their daily tasks. Although the whitening process may be slightly sensitive, using the best products and Whitening Cream For Underarmsprocedures makes it safe and effective.

Definition of vaginal bleaching

This is a term used to refer to utilization of harmless products to alter the vulva or labia color from a darker shade to a pink one. Unfortunately, majority of manufacturers of skincare products make and market products containing hydroquinone. Research studies have found a link between this chemical product and uterine cancer as well as other detrimental health effects.

What to consider prior to vaginal bleaching

a person considering genital bleaching needs to keep a number of aspects in mind so as to ensure that the best results are achieved. It is quite challenging to attain uniform skin over the entire body without using the most effective products available in the market. For this reason, every woman should focus upon getting the best possible outcome. Additionally, it is fundamental to have knowledge of the side effects to expect from using a chosen bleaching product. The technique used needs to be safe and not a procedure that can cause harm or that simply does nothing. It is pointless to spend a lot of money on a product that is ineffective or that does not give the aspired results. Considering the fact that the vagina is a sensitive area, choosing the right products is crucial.

Affordability of the practice

Although the popularity of vaginal bleaching has increased, undergoing these procedures might seem to be an unfeasible option for many women. The treatments are slightly expensive with most people having to part with at least some hundreds of dollars for a single visit. Luckily, a few products to help whiten the vagina’s appearance are available in the market and women can easily use them privately at their homes. While bleaching is a term commonly used, it may be better use of whitening products rather than bleaching products.

The best vaginal bleaching option

While the market has several bleaching options, the best option should be the use of topical brighteners. With such products, one can brighten the intimate region without having to visit a doctor’s office or beauty spa. Effective skin brighteners alter the appearance of the skin without using harsh formulations. They are not only a safe, but also a cheaper option for women opting for the procedure. Such women do not need to go for expensive spa treatments and dermatological visits nor use products that would harm their health.

The best creams to use for vaginal bleaching

While most creams would be available at a dermatologist’s office or beauty spas, there are other options out there. These give women the comfort of doing the procedures privately at their homes. It is advisable to avoid products containing harmful ingredients such as hydroquinone. Noticeable results can be attained using topical gels, creams or serums. An example of such a cream is EpiBright bleaching cream, which contains natural ingredients and has proven to be 100% effective….., read more

When to avoid the use of vaginal bleaching cream

1. When one has a vaginal infection
During an infection, women should avoid using a bleaching cream since the ingredients present might worsen the symptoms or the infection itself. It is recommended to wait till the infection has fully cleared to continue using the cream.

2. Breastfeeding mothers
Bleaching creams are only used topically and solely for adults. Hence, they cause harm when swallowed by children during breastfeeding. Lactating mothers should therefore wait to get past this stage prior to commencing the use of such topical intimate region creams.

3. When using medication for intimate areas
Women are advised to discuss with their doctors when under medication, particularly for intimate areas. A doctor would often do a thorough assessment of the ingredients present in the vaginal bleaching cream to check for any counter-interactions with the prescription.

Basically, every product has a set of merits and demerits, and genital bleaching products are not exceptional. It is vital to carefully choose a product that would not only give the best results, but also not cause health issues.



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