Proactiv 3 Step Acne Treatment System Starter Kit Review

Acne Treatment System Kit

Best Acne Removal System

Acne is a prolonged, inflammatory skin disease that brings whiteheads, pimples, nodules, blackheads, and cysts.

Its effect is not dangerous though it leaves scars on the skin. The treatment of acne can be done by the use of proactive 3 step system. The proactiv 3 Step Acne Treatment System Starter Kit has simplified the cure of acne.

The system has been designed to work synergistically which can be used with others to combat acne and assist in in future breakouts. Proactiv features progressive advanced micro-crystal benzoyl peroxide, which has been made to worker faster and effectively than ever.

The systems of the 30-day plan integrate the use of 2 oz. a proactiv renewing cleanser, a 2 oz. proactive revitalizing toner and a 1 oz. proactive repairing treatment. If this system is used effectively the 30 day supply of the 3 step system can be a very proactive solution in the removal of acne. The steps below are the guidelines on how to use the Proactiv 3-step system of treating acne.


Step One: Cleanse

Renewing CleanserProactiv 3 Step Acne Treatment System Starter Kit

  • Apply a substantial amount on to a damp skin and massage for a period of 1 to 2 minutes
  • Follow up by rinsing off the residue by using warm water. Dry it up after. This should be followed up with step 2.
  • This should be done twice daily in the morning and in the evening.

Step Two: Tone

Revitalizing Toner

  • A thin layer should be applied over the whole face with the help of a cotton ball or a pad.
  • Give it some time, so that it dries. Rinsing off should not be done. This should be followed by step 3.
  • The frequency of application should be twice daily in the morning and in the evening.

Step Three: Treat

Repairing Treatment

  • A thin layer is applied to the entire face. This is done by rubbing gently with the use of cotton ball or pad
  • Allow ample time for it to dry. The content should not be rinsed off.
  • It should be applied twice daily that is in the morning and evening.

The use of Proactiv has been one of the leading methods of treating acne dating back in the year 1995 with the introduction of the system of 3 steps. It works for all types of skins, ages, ethnicities, and genders.

The product has been on the market for long with a larger number of customers consuming the product. Proactiv remains committed to helping everyone have the clear, beautiful and a healthy skin with a glowing complexion that they all deserve and want.


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