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Trilastin-Sr Maximum Strength Stretch Mark Cream Review


Stretch Mark Cream


TriLASTIN-SR maximum strength stretch mark cream is a skin cream made in the USA which is used to reduce the visibility of stretch marks on the bodies of mothers from maternity and those Stretch Mark Creamfrom weight loss by targeting the top layer of the skin or the epidermis.The epidermal layer always needs support so as to naturally regenerate elastin and collagen.This cream provides the skin with the support to do so.The regeneration of elastin and collagen makes the skin to makes the skin to be less translucent and thicker hence reducing the appearance of stretch mark scars.This is how it works.

Distinctive Features Of Trilastin-Sr Stretch Mark Cream

  • Quick action-its results become visible within a period of three weeks
  • Can be used for all stretch marks
  • Very¬†effective in all skin colors and types
  • The cream is unscented, nonstaining and it is not greasy
  • It is also free from paraben and it is hypoallergenic

The cream is also featured with the improved SDDS that is the sequenced diffusion delivery system.This system does the following to the skin:

It maintains optimum hydration to the skin by creating an invisible and protective skin patch

It provides sequenced release of ingredients to the skin


Main Contents Of The Cream

Zea Mays Corn

This ingredient helps in healing of the wound by stimulating the skin to produce fibronectin, elastic which is a vital component in repairing of worn out tissues.


It is a structural protein which comprises of fabric responsible for stretching the skin.The amount of this protein varies in different people because of heredity.If elastin is highly concentrated in your skin then it will be elastic hence allowing it to stretch.


It allows release of molecules used to moisturize the skin in sequence.

The D-Stria

It Helps in improving elasticity, f irmness and it also reduces appearance of stretch marks.

Extract Of Chlorella Vulgaris

It is nutritionally rich in all the eight essential amino acids which are required by the skins to promote formation of the structural proteins such as elastin and collagen. .


This is also a structural protein that comprises the fabric of the skin. it is the structural framework of the skin. Collagen provides support to the skin by enhancing rigidity and strength in the connective tissues. The production of collagen reduces diminishes as one grows old.And this is why skins of the old tend to wrinkle and sag.

Vitamin E

This vitamin is a fat-soluble vitamin hence it has the antioxidant properties. This helps in protection of the cell membranes and also preventing damage.

Guidelines On How To Use This Cream For Best Results

1.Apply it on the skin twice in a day

2.Remember to wash and dry the area of treatment where you want to apply the cream

3.Then finally apply the cream in a circular manner until it is absorbed

Do this for three weeks then and you will see a positive improvement to your skin.


The cream only costs $62.00 – Click HERE For Latest Price

TriLASTIN-SR maximum strength stretch mark cream


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