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Intimate Whitening / Bleaching Cream


bleaching intimate areasBleaching Intimate Areas

The definition of intimate whitening, more popularly known as intimate area bleaching, is just that- bleaching or whitening of the intimate areas of your body. This is something most people would rather not discuss with even their doctors, but it is perfectly normal for those who would want to have evenly toned intimate areas. Here are a few of the areas that are popular in terms of intimate whitening:


Women are known to take great and meticulous pride in grooming their appearance to be exactly what they want it to be. Nevertheless, when you take into consideration certain areas of the body,VAGINAL BLEACHING achieving the
perfect look and tone can be rather tedious and tricky. This is why with regards to the darker shade of the vagina, many women turn to vaginal bleaching.

Upon inception, this was only something done by exotic dancers and porn stars; however, the average woman employs this method for similar gains.

It is imperative that we make note of the fact that vaginal bleaching MUST be approached with extreme caution. This skin in the pubic region is very sensitive and therefore the topical cream being used for vaginal bleaching must be formulated for the most sensitive of skins. Regular intimate whitening creams can be very harsh and harmful resulting in undesired results and side effects.


Again, this used to be more popular in the porn and adult entertainment industry, but many of us average Joes have now taken to it; thus making it a widespread culture of sorts.

The skin around our anus tend to darken as we grow older, this is an undesired fact by many. This then leads to the wanting the color to be lighten and for this anal bleaching provides the best results. As with vaginal bleaching, a topical cream is applied over a period of time. The cream used for anal bleaching must also be specially formulated for sensitive skin, as the skin around the anus is very sensitive.

One thing that must be taken into consideration is that anal bleaching does cause a bit of irritation in majority of cases. Therefore, you might find cleaning around the anus will be a little touch and go. The chances of this happening can be lowered if you have a doctor prescribe your anal bleaching cream.


The color of the nipple is naturally darker than most other places on the body, and is this way from birth. Whereas areas such as the vaginal, anus, underarm and even the scrotum get darker overtime and even more so through consistent shaving, the nipples do not make any such grand transition. It is for this reason that nipple bleaching is a foreign concept. However, there are both men and women alike who actively seek to lighten the skin tone of the nipple and there are topical creams on the market to accomplish this.

Again, care must be taken when selecting the bleaching agent as the nipple is also a very sensitive area.


– Many intimate whitening products contain harsh and aggressive whitening agents like hydroquinone. These topical products are not to be used on sensitive areas.

– Even if you do not have particularly sensitive skin, you must be extremely careful when selecting and applying your bleaching agent.

– Other areas such as the underarm, penis and scrotum can also be bleached, but the same precautions must be taken and the same considerations must be made.

The increased and ever growing popularity of intimate whitening/bleaching has caused it to be a relatively large and lucrative market, and as such it is somewhat of a culture. General facial or body lightening has always been a popular thing, especially for ethnics with darker skin tones; however, intimate whitening is practiced by men and women of all races, professions and legal ages.

Intimate whitening can be a very awkward subject to discuss, even with a doctor, but it is advised that you do so before actually taking to it. Speaking to a dermatologist who can help you to better understand the kind of skin you have and the products best suited for it, could be the difference between you getting the results you want or you suffering from a few of the unwanted side effects.


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