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What Causes Dark Nipples And How to Lighten Them Fast


Causes And Treatment Of Dark Nipples

About 88% of women worry about the darkening of their nipples caused by a variety of reasons. The remaining 12% , mostly white, are comfortable with dark or brown nipples. In most cases, dark nipples are caused by natural reasons.

They include pregnancy, puberty, menstruation, sexual excitement, hair around the areolas, breastfeeding and after birth and the common and most natural reason being skin complexion. Let’s view this causes in depth:

What Causes Dark Nipples


During puberty, girls undergo a series of changes in their bodies. The physical changes include the growth of breasts. When the breasts grow, it influences the growth of nipples. As nipples grow, they become darker. This change however, comes back to normal immediately after puberty.

  • Menstruation

During menstruation, the skin generally becomes pale and starts getting data. The nipples and eyes are among the parts that darken. They usually come back to normal immediately after menstruation in most cases.

  • Pregnancy

The skin starts darkening about 3-4 weeks after conception. It’s however noticed at first because it is light darkening. After sometime however, the darkening becomes visible. After birth the skin goes back to normal except for the nipples. This is because of breastfeeding. For some lucky women, the nipples might go back to normal after they stop breastfeeding. Other women will want to What Causes Dark Nippleslighten their nipples after childbirth.

  • Aging, Illnesses And Medications

Most women will experience darkening of their eyes and nipples as they grow old. This is due to the production of excess tryosinase which produces the pigments of melanin. Some illnesses and side effects of some medicines might have the same effect on tryosine causing darkening of nipples.

How To Lighten Dark Nipples

Dark nipples can be lightened in 2 ways:

(i) Use of natural ingredients creams

The most efficient nipple lightening cream is Joawing Beauty’s JuJub cream. It’s ingredients include wild cherry, vitamin B3, Morus Alba, leaf extract, vitamin E and a combination of Glycolic acid and lecithin. This combination of ingredients moisturises, hydrates and nourishes skin. They also rejuvenates the skin around the nipples, brightens, lightens and balances even tone on the nipples. The cream is applied twice a day after bathing and drying the nipples. The cream is affordable and costs approximately 11.50 dollars.

(ii) Home Made Remedies

Home remedies include orange, cucumber, avocados, honey and milk. They contain either vitamin c, mulberry extracts and lactic acid (they help to regenerate skin and prevent production of melanin) or arbutin (which inhibits melanin production by removing tryonase)Home made remedies are however discouraged since they cause irritation due to imbalance of the ingredients.

Canae Pink Nipple Lightening Cream Review

For a person who is light, fair or white, their nipples should be pink. However, sometimes this is not the case and they might actually be darker for some reasons such as pregnancy, puberty or even menstruation. This should not be a concern since the condition has remedy- CANAE pink nipple lightening cream- which is best for whitening nipples.


The cream is specially manufactured to adjust the color of the nipple to its pink natural color, with a moisturizing balance of the skin. The Aloe Vera extract provides the natural touch in the lightening process of the nipples.

This cream also reduces the color of areola clearly and effectively. It also has the ability to diminish the discolored spots on the skin surrounding, hence give a spotless, natural skin.

Healthy Facts

The nipples are a sensitive part, therefore requires special care. Amazingly, the nipple lightening cream contains no added perfumes, fragrances, harsh chemicals or dyes in it. This means that it inNipple Lightening Cream no way compromises your health as you use it and is 100 percent safe to use. It is a good way to go for those who are allergic to perfume since it does not have any added perfumes.

The lightening cream contains vitamin E that makes the skin soft around the nipples. Vitamin E is also responsible for moisturizing the skin texture.

Added Advantage

This company in the making of the product, put into account that there are different skin types, ranging from dry to normal to oily, as well as sensitive and the not-so-sensitive. The cream can be applied on skin types- even for the sensitive skin. This means that anyone can comfortably use it, irrespective of skin type.

The cream is also safe for every age, young to old. There is no age limitation.


The nipple lightening cream can be used twice per day.


For best results, before wiping it off, let it dry first.

In conclusion, CANAE pink nipple lightening cream is the best way to go for best results.


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