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How To Get Rid Of Melasma On The Face And Upper Lip


Get Rid Of Melasma

Many women suffer from melasma which causes discoloration on their skin and creates dark patches. When the female hormones trigger melanocytes, (cells which are responsible for the production of melanin) it causes melasma.

It happens due to exposure to the sun usually but some genetic factors also determine whether one is likely to develop melasma or not. Women who are pregnant, taking oral contraceptives or Get Rid Of Melasmaunder HRT medication can also develop melasma.

After pregnancy, it takes quite a long time to get rid of melasma.
Women are very conscious about their appearance and such skin conditions drop their confidence.

Oher than melasma, marks on face and discolored upper lips are also some factors that a woman does not like to see on herself. So Premium Naturals have launched a skin brightening cream called SkinBright which tends to fade away all discoloration and boosts up one’s confidence.

SkinBright Cream

SkinBright has been made with replacing the harmful chemicals to natural active ingredients which work on the skin gently without any side effects and it removes many types of skin problems like age spots, hyperpigmentation, scars etc.

Other than skin lightening, this cream also brings a glow to the face and makes your face look healthy and lively.

SkinBright Ingredients

SkinBright uses all skin lightening natural ingredients like alpha arbutin, kojic acid. jojoba oil, aloe vera, lemon extract etc. Alpha arbutin has been used by Premium Naturals to replace hydroquinone which is a harmful chemical that many brands use for skin lightening but it can cause fatal diseases like cancer as announced by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

Alpha Arbutin is actually an extract from bearberry tree which acts as a lightening agent.
A protein called tyrosinase produces melanin which is responsible for discoloration of the skin. Kojic acid hinders the working of tyrosinase to make melanin and, hence, it is clear that it prevents discoloration of the skin.

Lemon extracts, aloe vera, and jojoba oil are very common skin lightening and brightening products which are also used in many home remedies. There are many other natural ingredients also in SkinBright that fade away all types of discoloration.

SkinBright Benefitsskin lightening

1) This cream has no side effects.
2) It can be used on any part of your skin.
3) Since it is made up of natural ingredients, it is suitable for all skin types.
4) It has no age restrictions. Anyone can use it.
5) It does not contain hydroquinone, parabens or any other harmful product like other skin creams.

Parabens are also used in many skin lightening creams but this is just another chemical that can cause fatal diseases. Parabens are known to cause breast cancer in women and low sperm production or even impotency in men. It can also weaken the eyes and can even do damage to the skin if exposed to sunlight while applied on the skin.

There is one issue that some consumers may complain about which is the price but the truth is that this cream is worth its price. The prices are so because of the natural ingredients.

Other creams which are much cheaper than SkinBright usually have hydroquinone and parabens in them no matter whether they call their cream as “totally natural”. Parabens are added as preservatives in such creams. The use of these chemicals is only because of their cheapness. Chemicals are obviously cheaper than natural extracts and they are used only for the commerce, to increase the economy of the company.

How Does SkinBright Get Rid Of Melasma?

As discussed above, melasma is discoloration of the skin which is caused due to the production of more melanin in the body, SkinBright will work quite good in treating melasma. The kojic acid’s main work is to hinder the production of melanin and so it prevents any further discoloration in the body and the lemon extract, alpha arbutin, aloe vera etc. will lighten the discolored parts of the skin. Ultimately, curing melasma. Women want to get rid of melasma as fast as possible but it takes too many months for it to go away by itself but with SkinBright, the results are going to be much faster.

So this was all you need to know about Premium Naturals’ SkinBright cream which provides quite satisfying results. You can start seeing the results in 2 weeks only and the efficiency is proved to be the best. So SkinBright is a must if you are suffering from any of the above problems.

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