Top Tips for Improving Acne


How To Treat Your Acne – Top Tips

Acne isn’t anyone’s friend and living with it can be difficult. It develops when sebum and skin cells clump together into a plug.

This therefore leads the plug to grow bacteria and then cause swelling, meaning a spot starts to grow. There are many different forms of spots that you can develop through acne which include whiteheads, blackheads, cysts, pustules, and papules.

 It is most common with teens and young adults and it’s estimated that a huge 80% of all people between the ages of 11 and 30 have outbreaks in their life.

How To Treat Your AcneAcne has so many different causes from hormonal imbalances causing grease-producing glands to just simply running in families. It can’t always be helped but living with it isn’t something anyone really wants to do.

Surprisingly as it may sound, acne affects women more than men. Statistics claim that up to 22% of women can suffer from acne whilst only a little 3% of men are affected. Although it can’t be cured it can be controlled with certain treatments and there are many things that you can do to improve it.acne removal

Make sure you keep your face clean – all the time. It’s always important to wash your face – regardless of whether you have acne or not.

Doing this can remove extra oil, dead skin cells and other impurities. Using warm water with soap is the best method to help your acne get progressively better. There are so many products out there on the market, you’ve got a lot to choose from.

Oxe Derm have lots of products (including soaps) to treat your acne, the brand is very reputable and the soap claims to be able to clear your skin from head to toe using natural ingredients.

Have a look at some Oxe Derm soaps. Palmers also do a medicated soap for treatment of acne which has proven to be very successful with teens. It’s not too expensive and is able to leave skin feeling fresh, clear, and smooth. It removes dirt and oil from the prone skin making your face feel great again.

Check out the product on amazon. As well as keeping your face clean, keeping your phone clean is also very important – if you talk on the phone a lot then your phone will come into contact with your problem areas meaning you might be more prone to acne flare ups.

You can improve your acne by reducing your sugar levels and refined carbohydrates. This is because these certain foods increase insulin which can cause acne breakouts but studies have shown that lowing these foods helps to improve acne.

Foods like bagels, white bread, crackers, and biscuits are ones to stay away if you want the acne to stay out! Dairy products have also been said to aggravate acne after a study found that eliminating dairy from a diet for up to 12 weeks made people see a significant improvement to their skin, showing that it is able to help people with acne.

Don’t pick them! Our hands are one of the biggest carriers of bacteria so make sure if you’re having a breakout that you don’t keep touching your face and other problem areas of your body.treat your acne

This can really increase infection rates as popping or squeezing them can open small wounds and therefore mean they are more susceptible to various infections. We know it’s hard to keep your hands off but it’s for the greater good.

Make sure you take time to chill. Studies in the past have shown that high-stress levels can cause acne to be even worse. If you’re feeling stressed because of things in your life at the moment then find solutions before your face breaks out with that acne.

Stress is sometimes not even seen so just take some time out of your busy schedule and take a stroll on the beach with your partner or go out for a few drinks with friends – your face might soon start becoming your friend after all.

Your acne might not be curable but by doing some of these easy tips, you’ll find it will start to help in getting rid of your acne for good. And remember, nothing comes easily. Time and care is all you can give your skin whilst it isn’t going through the best time. Stay hydrated and take care of skin now and you definitely won’t regret it later.


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