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Meladerm – The Acne Scar Bleaching Cream

In today’s world, an attractive face is what everybody wants. It makes a person feel confident and good when other people notice him or her in a good way. But there is a problem that about everyone has to face during puberty or even at later times, which is called acne vulgaris or acne in common.

This disease makes your face look really bad especially if it’s severe. Even if your acne is gone, it can still leave its imprints on your face, called acne scars which are also a problem in getting a clean face.

So this review today is about a cream called “Meladerm” which is used to treat acne scars. So let’s find out about the cream:underarm whitening cream


Meladerm is the most effective acne scar bleaching cream that you can find in the market. It took four years for the company to make this cream. Due to so much hard work, this cream is totally safe without any side effects so anyone can use it. This cream has a great selling chart among other acne scar bleaching cream. This cream has also won many awards for being so effective and safe. In short it’s just “meladerm delivers what it promises”.


It has been found that most of the other skin lightening creams have mercury and hydroquinone in them which are harmful for us. Mercury is a really dangerous chemical and hydroquinone is a toxic substance which is not considered for skin care.

Hydroquinone can be effective in hyperpigmentation but still it should not be used.

Meladerm uses Alpha Arbutin in the place of the above two chemicals. Alpha arbutin is an extract from the bear berry tree and is much better than those two chemicals.

The U.S. food and drug administration has even banned the use of hydroquonine in cosmetic products. This is what makes Meladerm more effective and unique from other creams.

Working Of Meladerm

Meladerm’s work is very good and this cream also controls the melanin formation which means that it can also work for hyperpigmentation without having hydroquinone in it.

You need to apply it consistently for about two months for the best results. The effectiveness can be noticed in just two weeks of use. There are no age restrictions on this cream. Whether a teenager or an adult, anyone can use it without worrying about side effects.

The results are permanent so there will be no problems again.
This was the review of the cream “Meladerm” acne scar bleaching cream. This is the only cream which should be considered for acne marks and not just acne marks, it will help you with several more skin problems like freckles, uneven tone, melasma, and even birth marks.

Don’t use other products which have hydroquinone in them because this chemical is very harmful. Other skincare companies will use hydroquinone rather than alpha arbutin because of the price difference. Chemicals are much cheaper than natural extracts but are risky also. So if you are suffering from any of the above problem, just try Meladerm today. It’s results are 100% verified and will make you look flawless again.

Skin Lightening Cream For Acne Scars

skin lightening cream for acne scarsThe skin does an incredible job of healing itself once it has become broken, irritated, burned, torn or cut. Unfortunately however, once the skin becomes damaged enough to leave a scar, not only will the scar remain permanently, the scar may also become discolored as well. Fortunately however, the utilization of a skin bleaching cream, can help to reduce the appearance of a scar. In this overview, we’ll take a look at how a skin lightening cream effects scars as well as some general information that you may have pondered about, when it comes to the utilization of a scar lightening cream.

Why Do Scars Cause A Change In The Color Of Your Skin Tone ?

In order for you to understand the mechanisms behind a scar lightening cream as to the reason why it’s so effective when it comes to reducing the appearance of scars, you have to understand why scars cause a change in the color of your skin tone. Whenever you acquire a scar, whether it may be from acne, cuts or bruises, the change in the color of your skin tone, occurs as a result of inflammation. This type of inflammation is called post-inflammatory hyper-pigmentation.

Post-Inflammatory Hyper Pigmentation

In the beginning stages of the acne scar, it may appear to be red or reddish purple at first. During this stage, the wounded area, sends out electrical signals to the body, to send blood flow to that area so that it can accelerate the healing process.

Once the body begins to increase blood flow to that affected area, it will develop new blood vessels around that area so that it can deliver the necessary nutrients it needs to completely heal. However, besides the fact that the body will create new blood vessels around the acne wound, it will create inflammation chemicals as well.

These inflammation chemicals rush to the affected acne area, so that it can minimize the possibility of an infection. Unfortunately, a side effect that these chemicals also cause is a change in the pigmentation of the affected area.

Individuals who have pale skin, will experience scars that are pink, red or purple, while individuals who have darker skin tones, will experience black or brown areas of scar tissue as a result of the change of pigmentation that transpires due to the increase of inflammation chemicals that the body sends to the affected area. While pigmentation may fade over time, it will not fade completely. As such, by utilizing a cream like Meladerm Acne Bleaching Cream, it can help to reduce the incidence of excess pigmentation.

How Do Bleaching Creams Work To Reduce The Appearance Of Acne Scars

One of the reasons why acne bleaching creams are so effective at reducing the appearance of acne scars is partially due to the fact that many formulations of these types of products contain ingredients that can actually help to heal acne blemishes as well as to reduce the visibility of acne scars. Additionally, some products contain specific ingredients that can help to prevent hyperpigmentation such as glycolic acid and collagen.

Is Every Acne Scar Cream The Same ?

No, each acne scar cream will come with their own sets of ingredients that serve their own purpose. As such, when it comes to choosing an ideal scar lightening cream, you need to pay attention to the ingredients that they consist of and the results they have to offer, and you need to take your skin type into consideration as well. For example, a bleaching cream that contains hydroquinone, tend to be used by individuals who have a darker tone of skin.

NB: hydroquinone is not used in most skin lightening creams because of some side effects, you must do your research when it comes to hydroquinone.., some people think that hydroquinone helps to minimizing melanin production in the skin. A glycolic acid based acne scar cream on the other hand, is ideal for an individual with a lighter tone of skin, due to the fact that it encourages skin exfoliation.

Skin Lightening Cream For Acne Scars – Things To Consider

Some of the things you need to consider when it comes to the utilization of a Scar Lightening Cream, include:
* Before – Consultation Of A Dermatologist- As mentioned before, the type of products that you should utilize is based on your skin type as well as your desired results. A dermatologist can work with you to address your concerns and to provide you with an adequate solution.

* During – Sun Screen – Once you begin to apply the bleaching cream to your skin, consider the possibility of utilizing a sun screen. This is due to the fact that skin lightening creams can affect your skin’s sensitivity to the sun, which means that your skin will be able to acquire a sun burn more easily during the first initial stages of the treatment process.

* After – Post Protection – Protect your skin from the sun after the treatment session has been successful. Scars can change color even more so, whenever it has been exposed to ultraviolet radiation for extended periods of time. As such, once you have treated the affected area, ensure that you continually protect the affected area, because you may inadvertently undo the work you performed to lighten the scar in the first place.

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