What Causes Dark Lips and Why You Should Use A Lightening Lip Treatment

Lip Lightening

How To Lighten Dark Lips What Causes Dark Lips? Dark lips occur when you are exposed to the sun for longer periods. It also occurs due to genetic factors. Some lifestyle habits darken lips like smoking and taking more coffee and tea. The majority of the smokers are keen on knowing how to lighten dark lips. Ideally, there are several …

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What Causes Dark Nipples And How to Lighten Them Fast

Causes And Treatment Of Dark Nipples About 88% of women worry about the darkening of their nipples caused by a variety of reasons. The remaining 12% , mostly white, are comfortable with dark or brown nipples. In most cases, dark nipples are caused by natural reasons. They include pregnancy, puberty, menstruation, sexual excitement, hair around the areolas, breastfeeding and after …

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